Liverpool’s Tactical Move: Dave Davis and the Left Wing Decision

Liverpool’s Tactical Move: Dave Davis and the Left Wing Decision

The Role of Cody Gakpo: Liverpool’s Tactical Analysis

In the most recent installment of Big Decisions, Dave Davis explores a number of urgent Liverpool FC-related subjects. The topic of Cody Gakpo as possible Liverpool left winger is among the most talked about. 

This essay examines the podcast’s observations and analyzes their ramifications for Liverpool and Gakpo.

Cody Gakpo: The Future Of Liverpool’s Left Wing?

Dave Davis opens the discussion by pondering, 

“Is Cody Gakpo set to be Liverpool’s next or new left winger for the season?” 

This question has sparked debates among fans, especially in light of Luis Diaz’s uncertain future at the club. Davis highlights Gakpo’s recent performances, noting, 

“He had a strong end to the season and has done quite well for Holland.”

Gakpo’s two goals in three games during the Euros have added to his growing reputation.

However, Davis also acknowledges the critiques:

“He’s got some good stats but not some great stats. People will argue he could be a great player in that role.” 

The concerns are primarily about his physicality and his tendency to cut inside rather than utilizing the left wing fully. Davis emphasizes,

 “If you were defending Cody Gakpo, you’d say, ‘show him on his right,’ because that’s where he wants to go.”

Pros and Cons: Strategies For Managing Expectations

The podcast touches on the broader context of Gakpo’s position within the team. Davis suggests that while Gakpo could be a very useful asset for Liverpool on the left-hand side, he might not reach the status of a world-beater. He elaborates,

 “I think he can be a very good asset for Liverpool and for that left side. There are limitations to the player in that regard.”

Davis also brings up the potential alternatives Liverpool might consider, mentioning other players like Jota and even Szoboszlai as options for the left wing. He states,

 “If we’re going to play a 4-2-3-1, I expect him to contribute goals and assists.” 

This reflects a pragmatic approach, recognizing Gakpo’s potential contributions while being aware of his limitations.


In conclusion, Cody Gakpo’s role at Liverpool remains a subject of debate. While his recent performances have been promising, questions about his fit as a left winger persist. As Dave Davis points out, 

“Cody Gakpo could be a very useful asset, but whether he becomes a world-beater is another matter.” 

The insights from the Big Decisions Podcast provide a nuanced perspective on this issue, balancing optimism with realism.

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