Liverpool star wants Jurgen Klopp to leave so he can ‘become one of the best players’ claims ex-manager

Cody Gakpo to make his Liverpool Debut under Jurgen Klopp

Against the Toffees, Cody Gakpo scored his first goal and many believe it is the first of many. An ex-manager claims that Cody Gakpo might rank among the finest Liverpool players ever if Klopp leaves Liverpool.

According to others, Cody Gakpo can only become “one of the top players” if Jürgen Klopp decides to step down as Liverpool’s manager.

At the beginning of the season, Gakpo was in outstanding form for PSV Eindhoven. In his 14 Eredivisie games, he scored nine goals and provided 12 assists.

As Man Utd elected not to pursue him during the summer transfer window, his 2022–23 performances fueled rumors that he might join them in January.

Cody Gakpo joined Klopp’s team at the wrong time?

The Premier League team operated covertly to close the transaction, and word of their interest only surfaced just before the trade was consummated.

Gakpo has joined a struggling squad at Liverpool and has been pushed into the deep end. While Klopp would have wanted to ease him into the lineup, the injury absences of Roberto Firmino, Diogo Jota, and Luis Diaz forced the Dutchman to play right away.

Unsurprisingly, it has taken the 23-year-old a little longer to get going, but on Monday night against Everton, he was outstanding. He scored in Liverpool’s 2-0 victory against their adversaries.

Although Klopp has faced criticism this year, he will be hoping that his squad can now pick up the pace and qualify for the Champions League.

Strangely, Aad de Mos, a former manager of Ajax and PSV, has asserted that Gakpo will only fulfill his full potential at Liverpool once Klopp departs.

Aad de Mos:

“Liverpool are entering a new cycle and he can become one of the best players if Liverpool gets a new manager. I think Klopp’s era is coming to an end. Now it has also become known in the media that after seven years at Mainz, seven years at Dortmund and now his seventh year at Liverpool, things are coming to an end.”

What Van Der Vaart said about Gakpo

It goes without saying that Gakpo joined Liverpool during a difficult time when new additions were required. He needed some time to get used to the dressing room and Klopp’s playing philosophy.

Van Der Vaart:

“The biggest surprise for me wasn’t that Liverpool bought Cody Gakpo last month. They’ve signed a player who has played his whole career as a left-winger, and in the national team he’s played as a number 10, a second strike and now he’s playing as a striker.”

Some of us would always remember how certain legends played in many positions during their careers and excelled in them if only history could genuinely communicate with us.

In response to the Dutchman’s assertion, can he possibly imagine replacing Mo Salah with Gakpo in a sober frame of mind?

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