Liverpool owners FSG take step towards selling club as three parties linked for the takeover

Liverpool owners FSG might be looking to sell the club as new parties appear to have taken steps for the subsequent takeover.

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Liverpool owners FSG might be looking to sell the club as new parties appear to have taken steps for the subsequent takeover.

According to reports, Liverpool’s owners Fenway Sports Group, are moving closer to selling the team. The international company, which owns the Boston Red Sox, paid £300 million for the Merseyside giants in 2010. And throughout their ownership, they have assisted the club in winning its first Premier League trophy, the Champions League, and the Club World Cup.

According to The Athletic, FSG’s president and Liverpool director Mike Gordon is resigning from his current post at Anfield to concentrate on a possible team sale, with chief executive Billy Hogan taking on more operational responsibility.

Gordon has overseen day-to-day operations at the club from Boston, Massachusetts, in the United States. And he has been crucial to Liverpool’s recent success and gets along well with manager Jurgen Klopp. However, the sale will be supervised by Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. Stanley will also create a complete sales deck for potential buyers.

FSG’s statement read:

“There have been a number of recent changes of ownership and rumours of changes in ownership at EPL clubs and inevitably we are asked regularly about Fenway Sports Group’s ownership in Liverpool,”

They further said that FSG routinely receives interest expressions from outside parties looking to invest in Liverpool. As previously stated by FSG, if it were in the best interests of Liverpool as a team, they would consider new shareholders under the proper terms and conditions.

And now, we examine three potential buyers who have been connected to a takeover.

Three parties linked for possible Liverpool takeover

Stephen Pagliuca and partners

Since he has strong ties to FSG, Stephen Pagliuca, on the final shortlist to purchase Chelsea earlier this year, has been called a “serious contender” to purchase the Reds. The American is also the co-chairman of the NBA powerhouse Boston Celtics. And he has bought a 55% share in the Italian team, Atalanta.

Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment and Sir Martin Broughton

To acquire Liverpool, David Blitzer and his business partner Josh Harris would consider reviving a consortium with Sir Martin Broughton. Broughton served as the club’s interim chairman at Anfield during the club’s most recent sale. The two billionaires now control roughly a fifth of Crystal Palace and Harris Blitzer Sports and Entertainment.

Dubai International Capital

Given the enormous riches of the Gulf states, it is possible that FSG will seek the Middle East for sale. Dubai International Capital, a sovereign wealth fund, offered over £300 million in 2007. But he was ejected in their earlier attempts to acquire the Reds from David Moores. However, there have been rumours that Dubai investors may now be “eyeing a purchase.”

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