Liverpool midfielder is a paradox who can now break Premier League record for the Reds

Harvey Elliott

Harvey Elliott has been very impressive in some parts and sometimes very bad in certain aspects of the game. But is he what Liverpool are looking for?

Harvey Elliott: Profile

Harvey Elliott is a right winger in the mould of an inside striker or attacking midfielder in terms of fundamental match position. His career heatmap shows a natural preference for the right flank. Wide of the half-space, as well as increased activity on the inside edge of zone 15.

There is also some variety on exhibit. With several actions taking place within his half – primarily defensive duels and recoveries. As well as a lesser number on the opposing left wing. He has played for Liverpool on both the right and left flanks. As well as through the middle as a central striker.

Elliott is a skillful dribbler who does not rely on his sheer speed to explode into space with a powerful touch. He keeps an eye on his opponents’ feet and assesses their motions accordingly. He has completed 74% of his attempted dribbles in nine outings so far this season. His career success rate for dribbles is 57%.

Elliott, as previously said, does not yet have extraordinary long-distance speed. But it does not imply he is sluggish on the ball. He can accelerate quickly over short distances. Generally, carry the ball into important areas before deciding on the next move. He isn’t your normal ball runner; he doesn’t engage in sprints or foot races against defenders.


Harvey Elliott has a variety of strengths, most of which originate from his high degree of football intelligence. He appears to be able to identify and utilize space both on and off the ball with reasonable ease (think Darwin Nunez assist). There’s a strong instinct there. This concept of identifying and utilizing space is most evident in his progressive passing, opportunity generation, and goal assists.

His through passes and crosses are typically delivered quickly after getting the ball or gaining control of it. There is seldom any hesitancy or extraneous touches. He frequently plays the balls into space or into tight critical locations, therefore the passes might be high risk. This season, 36% of his through passes and 39% of his crosses have found a teammate. He isn’t always safe in possession, and he isn’t the type of player who will recycle the ball unless there is no other option. He has frequently had his head up early, identified the pass, and will try it.

(Stats via Tactical Times)


Elliott understands the necessity to push as well as the fundamental ideas. But he lacks maturity and experience pressing as a group. Individual effort is a terrific place to start, and it gives an ideal point of reference for prospective appraisal. But it isn’t necessarily enough to construct a successful publicity campaign.

Harvey Elliott also played on the right side of the midfield, where he had problems tracking runners and making tackles.


Harvey Elliott has scored the most goals for any Premier League team this season (5 in all competitions); the last Liverpool teenager to do so was Raheem Sterling in 2013-14. (10) (via Opta).

Harvey Elliot joined Liverpool as a player who had already established a reputation in the Premier League for being ahead of his time. He played for Fulham and England academy teams that were 3-4 years his senior. He coped at those levels, and now, just two years later, he can deal at the highly seasoned, extremely physical, and extremely demanding first-team level.

The most crucial thing to remember about Elliott when evaluating his present and potential abilities is that he is still just 19 years old. He hasn’t physically grown yet; his speed, agility, upper body strength, and fitness will all increase significantly over the next several years. Especially given the high standards at Liverpool.

Steven Gerrard was once 19 and had trouble breaking into Liverpool’s first team. Elliott just needs time and support.

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