Liverpool in the Champions League round of 16: The probable opponents in the draw

As Liverpool gets a victory over Ajax, what does the future holds for the Scousers regarding their Champions League round of 16 probable opponents?

Liverpool and the Champions League fortune

When will Liverpool learn if they will advance to the round of 16 in the Champions League following a 3-0 victory against Ajax? Jurgen Klopp’s team qualified with one game remaining.

The Reds will be in the knockout rounds of the Champions League for the sixth straight season under Klopp, their longest run since the tournament was rebranded. They join Napoli in making it out of Group A, and unless Liverpool and Napoli have an extraordinary matchup the following week, Liverpool is predicted to come in second. When will the draw take place, and who may Liverpool face?

The draw will be held at the UEFA headquarters in Nyon, Switzerland, on Monday, November 7, at 11 a.m. (GMT). Numerous clubs have already clinched a spot in the round of 16. And with one game left, they will divide the field into two seeding pots: eight group winners and eight runners-up. No team may compete against a club from its own organization or group.

What does it look like now for the Reds?

The Reds are presently expected to place second and would then play a seeded team. It may be Bayern Munich, Club Brugge, Porto, Real Madrid, PSG, or Benfica. After the last round of group games is played on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week, everything will become obvious.

More than 15 weeks after the group stage has ended, the last 16 will be contested over two legs in early 2023. The group runner-up will host the first leg, with the group-winning team playing the second leg at home.

As long as Klopp and the locker room gain momentum and make some adjustments, it would be just fine. No matter who the opponent is, Liverpool is optimistic to overcome their rivals.

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