Liverpool forward taking actions off the turf to improve their performance on the pitch

Darwin Nunez learning English

Some news coming out from the training ground regarding Darwin Nunez, who is taking up regular English lessons to improve his communication on the pitch.

After moving to Liverpool, Darwin Nunez has emphasized his eagerness to learn English and his belief that it is crucial to be able to communicate with his teammates easily.

Therefore, it was only a matter of time till he took some action. Nunez believes understanding and being able to speak in English is a must in order to communicate better with his teammates.

Nunez and Diaz to continue regular English lessons

Summer acquisition for Liverpool Darwin Nunez has said that boss Jurgen Klopp is still a mystery to him. We don’t speak much, he said. “He doesn’t speak Spanish, and I don’t speak English.”

Luckily for the £85 million ($94 million) attacker, Liverpool assistant manager Pep Lijnders and another coach Vitor Matos can communicate in Portuguese.


“They are the translators when Klopp talks to the group.”

They explain the responsibilities to Nunez while they sit next to me. He wouldn’t know what to do if they hadn’t explained it to me before going into the field. When there aren’t any other native speakers present at a club who can assist with translation, the issue could be more difficult.

Fortunately, that dilemma is to be sorted as both Nunez and Diaz are taking regular English lessons. It is to not only understand tactics but also to communicate better with teammates.

The language barrier

From Marouane Fellaini at Everton to Roman Pavlyuchenko at Tottenham, several newcomers to the Premier League have initially had trouble learning the language. Clubs have responded to the difficulty by recruiting liaison workers that are fluent in many languages.

Operational team manager Matt Grice was brought in from Manchester United to Leeds United, where former manager Marcelo Bielsa used a translator to convey his Spanish-language ideas.

It looks great that the desire to learn isn’t only limited to the pitch. Both Diaz and Nunez seem to give everything they could possibly give to live up to their potential and help the team.

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