Liverpool forward and fans favorite expresses his desire to play in Spain

Luis Diaz has stated his desire to play for "a Spanish team" after making history with Liverpool.

Source: EuroSport

Luis Diaz has stated his desire to play for a club in Spain after making history with Liverpool.

Diaz revealed his appreciation for Lionel Messi during a conversation with the Colombian magazine SoHo.

The Colombian has been a revelation since moving to Anfield in January. Moreover, he appears set to be a significant member of Jurgen Klopp’s team going forward.

However, some Liverpool fans may be alarmed by his comments about a prospective move to Spain. Diaz said a specific Spanish team “has always captivated” his family.

Luis Diaz talks about Spain and his love for Messi in his latest interview

When asked “how far he wants to go” in the game, he responded, “I would like to play for a Spanish club that has always caught my family’s eye, although it is more of a childish desire.

He said:

“Now I only think about lifting trophies and making history with Liverpool, which is one of the biggest clubs in the world. I am very grateful for the opportunity they have given me.”

He said about Messi:

“I have wanted to meet people I admire, like Lionel Messi. And had to meet him, and already knew him. I almost died, almost said, “I love you”, and everything. Indeed, he has always been my reference.

My great idol was Ronaldinho, but I could never face him since he retired. The day I meet him, I am going to die. And well, Lio is the best in the world.

I love Messi. The first time I had contact with him was in a Colombian game here in Barranquilla, but I didn’t start; I was just starting in the selection. And then I came across him in the Copa America two years ago, and it was a great emotion.”

Those remarks might imply that Diaz would eventually wish to play for Barcelona.

Joan Laporta was considering acquiring Diaz before he signed with Liverpool in January.

Diaz began by expressing his joy at participating in the previous year’s Champions League final.

Diaz claims he is a player who doesn’t enjoy the spotlight as much as some others and avoids participating in interviews frequently.

He said:

“I usually say no to the Liverpool press team, that I prefer not to give interviews, but they take me to one, or two, and that’s it, I’ll get out of that quickly.

I know there are other players who are dying to be in the media. The less I get out, the better.”

It shouldn’t be a surprise that Diaz aspires to play for a Spanish powerhouse one day.

But if Liverpool was once “a selling club,” driven to capitalize on its best players, that is no longer the case.

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