Liverpool on their way to finalising signing talent from the Wolves

Liverpool on their way to finalising signing talent from the Wolves

A handful of names have come up following the transfer drama of Anfield under Arne Slot. The new head coach has been turning heads with his targeted players for his squad. If reports are true, Liverpool is on their final steps for signing Alvin Ayman.

Is Alvin Ayman leaving Wolves for Liverpool this summer?

The world of Football is waiting to see the Dutchman’s first move. We are eager to see who Slot brings to Anfield with his 1st signing. According to reports by Daily Mail, Liverpool is on their way to sign Alvin Ayman. It appears that they have had this Wolves star on their lists for a long time now.

The 16-year-old is just starting his career as he enjoyed his game against Manchester City. Although he did not earn humongous glory on his debut as a Premier League player, Ayman has potential. In this very short time, he played in the U21 team of West Midland Club. He represented the U17 Wolves team in the International Youth League in South Korea.

While Alvin Ayman was playing in the U18 squad of the Wolves, he and his team beat Liverpool. That match in the Premier League North is what probably led to Anfield’s interest in this youngster. Arne Slot recognizes what potential a player holds, even if he is much younger to play for the Reds senior squad.

At this point, Ayman should train himself and develop more skills. Once he joins Liverpool, Alvin Ayman should be able to gain more experience in any position he plays. The Wolves star can shine as a midfielder or switch back to being an effective center-forward. It is all up to the Reds now, to finalize all the signing steps.

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