Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson opens up after humiliating Brighton defeat

Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson after Brighton defeat

Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson has his say on the Reds’ failure this season. The captain admits that Liverpool are suffering a lack of confidence and it’s a low point for them as a team.

The Merseyside giants have fallen down to 9th place following an embarrassing loss against Brighton 3-0 on Saturday. The Reds are currently at 28 points behind Brentford who are in 8th place. Klopp’s team is most likely out of the league title race and are now on the verge of exclusion from Champions League qualification race.

“It’s a real low point for us as a team” – Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson

Following their defeat against Brighton, Henderson stated that they need to work together and fight the situation. Henderson said:

“It’s a real low point for us as a team. We need to stay together. There’s an honest bunch of lads in there and it’s a tough moment for us as a team, for sure, but we need to get together. We all know we can be better individually, collectively, everything across the board.”

Furthermore, the midfielder added that he will take responsibility and the other players will also try to put it right. Moreover, speaking on the dressing room’s mood the 32-year-old said that it’s not good. The player said,

“Pretty low, low on confidence – you can see that when we are playing – energy levels low, everything.”

Adding to his statement Henderson said that it’s no good to feel sorry for themselves, he has been through moments like this in his career and you have got to keep fighting, keep going and hopefully, things will change sooner rather than later.

What’s next for Liverpool

After their defeat against Brighton on Saturday, the Reds will play in FA Cup replay away to Wolves on Tuesday. Following that they will be hosting Chelsea on Saturday.

“We need to stay together and try to change things really quickly because the games are coming thick and fast and we need to try to learn as best we can and show a reaction,”

Said Henderson.

Henderson said that the team knows that they can be better, they know they can play better, can give more – and they are trying hard but failing consistently which is very disappointing.

In the end, he added that they need to stay together and they will come back stronger than ever.

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