Liverpool and FSG get a £3.5bn sale boost from Paris Saint-Germain

PSG is selling equity and values the club at about £3.5 billion. And this is higher than predictions for Liverpool's estimate for sale by FSG.

Source: EuroSport

PSG is selling equity and values the club at about £3.5 billion. And this is higher than predictions for the estimated Liverpool FC sale by FSG.

Another well-known European brand is considering its options in light of the Liverpool and Manchester United sale and the ownership changes of clubs like Chelsea and AC Milan in 2022.

Qatar Sports Investments (QSI) has been willing to absorb significant losses in pursuit of placing the French club at the pinnacle of world football. They are searching for new cash after stopping short of a complete sale.

Liverpool and Manchester United are open to minority investment. They have left the door open to welcome expressions of interest regarding a complete takeover. According to US sources, FSG have put down £3.4 billion at Liverpool compared to £6 billion at United.

Since 2011, Nasser Al-Khelaifi has served as the club’s owner. And QSI, a subsidiary of Qatar’s sovereign wealth fund, the Qatar Investment Authority, has owned PSG. QSI invests in Qatar’s sports, leisure, and entertainment industries, which are now hosting the World Cup.

The PSG owners are trying to sell 15% of their ownership to raise additional funds for the club’s expansion plans. After living in the deteriorating Parc des Princes since 1974, the owners want to build a new stadium. They rent space in a stadium owned by the Council of Paris, with PSG serving as tenants.

PSG’s valuation gives FSG Liverpool sale boost

PSG is restricted in some ways regarding the growth and additional monetization of a tangible asset like a stadium. This is because they do not own their own facility. The club has actively worked to establish itself as a lifestyle brand thanks to Nike and Air Jordan brand sponsorship. Even building a storefront on Fifth Avenue in New York, expanding beyond its current base, has proven to be more difficult.

However, the club’s valuation will have caused some consternation at Liverpool and within the FSG hierarchy. Because their decision to permit expressions of interest in a complete sale was driven by their desire to “test the waters,” according to a reliable source.

According to PSG CEO Al-Khelaifi, the 15% stake made available for purchase was based on a team valuation of €4 billion (£3.5 billion). And it would put it higher than what Liverpool was thought to be seeking.

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