Latest talks on FSG Liverpool sale, $3.9bn offer, and possible buyers

FSG Liverpool sale

FSG is open to either a full or potential sale of Liverpool and the next phase of the process could be near. FSG is now open to moving on for the right price according to reports.

FSG on Liverpool sale

According to Echo, the interested parties could make formal approaches in February and March, with FSG valuing the Reds at the £4bn mark.

No serious discussions have been held yet, but things need to be sorted out over the next few months, ideally in time for Liverpool to prioritize rebuilding their playing squad in the summer.

Although a partial sale is most likely to take place, where FSG would remain involved but with a strategic partner.

Interest from Qatar

The Reds have some possible candidates

Saudi Arabia and Qatar, speaking to the BBC, Saudi Arabia’s sports minister Prince Abdulaziz bin Turki Al Faisal says its government would ‘definitely support’ private sector Saudi bids for Liverpool

“From the private sector, I can’t speak on their behalf, but there is a lot of passion about football”

He said,

“It’s the most watched league in Saudi and the region and you have a lot of fans of the Premier League. We will definitely support if any private sector comes in”

The Mail on Sunday reported that the talks are already underway with the consortium in both Saudi Arabia and Qatar, with those being privately owned as opposed to state-owned. Although Ben Jacobs said that it is very early and there is no concrete yet.

Investors all over the world

Steve Ballmer is a US investor who owns the Los Angeles Clippers is also interested in the Merseyside giants.

Stephen Pagliuca, the Atalanta investor was interested in Chelsea earlier in the year, now their interest has shifted to Liverpool according to reports.

The Merseyside giants are also gathering interest from other Gulf states and even from India. Mukesh Ambani the eighth-richest man is also been liked to buy the English giants.

But still, the question remains, will FSG sell the Reds?

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