Klopp tipped to sign Premier League midfielder who admitted to be a big Liverpool fan

Leeds Midfielder Brenden Aaronson has revealed his love for Liverpool FC.

Source: SBI Soccer

Leeds midfielder Brenden Aaronson has revealed his love for Liverpool FC.

Brenden Aaronson said that he was a huge Liverpool supporter when growing up in America. He is currently playing for Leeds United.

Aaronson gave a rueful laugh when asked by Amazon Prime to pick his favourite team from his youth.

He said:

“I always get a lot of stuff for this, but my favourite club growing up was Liverpool. I was a big Steven Gerrard, and Fernando Torres fan.”

Everyone was, Brenden! There was no more potent front-line pairing in the Premier League in the middle to late 2000s than Torres and Stevie G.

Aaronson’s recent performance at Leeds has waned somewhat after a very strong start to the year. However, it is evident from his work at Elland Road thus far that the 22-year-old has a very promising future.

Brenden Aaronson to Liverpool?

And Philadelphia Union head coach Jim Curtin believes that future could very well be at Liverpool.

Aaronson played a crucial role in Leeds’ thrilling victory at Anfield in October. And US-based journalist Tom Bogert remarked on Twitter that the midfielder would be ideal for Jurgen Klopp.

He said:

“To watch Aaronson play against Liverpool, you could tell by Jurgen Klopp’s body language every time Brenden did anything. Look, I wouldn’t be shocked if he’s interested in that kid after how he played against him,”

That didn’t seem like a completely impossible scenario back then. Aaronson’s tireless running and technical prowess have been illuminating the season’s early going.

Three months later, though, American International lost some of its steam.

That does not imply that he won’t return. Aaronson, a young player adjusting to a new league, is still developing. He has more than enough skills to establish that he belongs in the Premier League.

However, it appears doubtful that a desired transfer to Anfield will ever occur. Brenden, keep pushing forward because you never know.

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