Klopp claims that one Liverpool star has shocked everyone

A mountain of appraisal comes in the way of a veteran star of Liverpool. Klopp says the Liverpool ace has shocked everyone.

The Liverpool ace shocked Klopp and fans

On the club’s official website, James Milner has received praise from Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp for his performance against Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City at Anfield on Sunday night.

Due to fitness issues with Trent Alexander-Arnold, Milner began the match against Man City as a right-back for Liverpool.

The former Leeds and Newcastle United star excelled in his position and handled City standout, Phil Foden, with poise.

The 36-year-old was outstanding against the champions. According to Liverpool boss Klopp, while the Englishman must have surprised many spectators.

Milner’s performance last night

James Milner was one of the finest performers on the field at Anfield on Sunday when The Reds defeated the Sky Blues in the Premier League.

The former City player performed an excellent job, and it was amazing to watch how the Englishman, despite his advanced age, kept up with the game’s tempo.

Milner may not have been very effective on offence, but he played exceptionally well defensively and restrained the Citizen’s attackers.

Mr. all-rounder proved against the reigning Premier League champions that he is still capable of performing a decent job despite the age factor.


“Oh, James Milner against Phil Foden. The way James Milner played was absolutely unbelievable.”

It’s one thing to be an example on the pitch, James Milner stands up as an example in the locker room too. The Scouser has been a reliable option season after season.

The Englishman joined the Reds from the Sky Blues. And ever since then his decision to do so has served him right. Even after different tactics and styles of play introduced by Klopp, the veteran is still a reliable option. And he proved just that last night against his former club.

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