Jurgen Klopp Snubs England! Predicts Shocking Euro 2024 Winner!

Jurgen Klopp Snubs England! Predicts Shocking Euro 2024 Winner!

Although he doesn’t name England as a possible winner, Jurgen Klopp believes England will get better at Euro 2024 and suggests Spain, Germany or France instead as winners.

Jurgen Klopp About England At Euros

Former Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp believes England will perform better at Euro 2024 but he does not think they will win.

Jude Bellingham and Harry Kane’s late goals against Slovakia gave England a thrilling victory and a trip to the quarterfinals.

While speaking at the Mallorca Tennis Championships, Klopp included France, Germany and Spain as additional formidable competitors.

The Reds Legend Lifestyle

Now living in Mallorca Klopp is taking part in local events and leading a laid-back lifestyle.

He discussed his predictions for the Euro 2024 champions pointing out that Spain was a serious contender but also pointing out that Germany and France had promise.

Before England’s match to advance to play Switzerland in the round of sixteen Klopp made his comments.

About The Copa America

When it came to the Copa America Klopp also mentioned Uruguay Argentina Brazil and Colombia as potential winners in a diplomatic manner.

In the course of the tournament he talked about keeping in touch with Liverpool players like Alisson.

Furthermore although he hasnt lived in Mallorca long enough to identify his favorite features Klopp acknowledged his admiration for tennis legends and his growing fondness for the island.

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