Jurgen Klopp anticipating great things from Darwin Nunez

Klopp and Nunez

Klopp is looking forward to great things that may come from Darwin Nunez.

Klopp speaks about Nunez

The 23-year-old striker has played a total of 341 minutes so far this season, scoring twice, although he recently admitted he hasn’t been totally sure.

He doesn’t “understand anything” in Klopp’s squad meetings because of the language barrier, which has made the process of adjusting more difficult.

He is getting his bearings one practice and game at a time with the aid of his teammates and coaches.
When questioned if Nunez’s successful performance in midweek was due to his efforts or aided by Liverpool switching to a 4-4-2 shape, Klopp assured reporters there is still much to come.


“One of the things he showed so far in all the games he played he brings himself quite frequently into good finishing positions, which is actually the most important thing for a striker.

That’s why everybody should be, or could be, very optimistic about what’s coming from him in the future.”

What does Nunez brings to the Liverpool frontline?

Nunez has shown to be a deadly goal scorer when entering from the left side. The Uruguayan International played five times as a left winger for Benfica last season, scoring an amazing 10 goals. Even though it’s not his preferred position, he can undoubtedly make a difference there without Mané. Jürgen Klopp was likely interested in the player because of his versatility since he wants his attackers to be capable of playing several places throughout the attacking line.

Nunez thrives when given the chance to intimidate or speed past opponents with his excellent physical characteristics. The majority of his goals are the result of deft runs into the penalty area, where he can outrun opponents and unleash his deadly finishing ability. He will be distinguished from Liverpool’s other more technically adept offensive players by his exceptional physical ability.

Like most significant transfers, there is some uncertainty about Nunez’s ability to live up to the price. Klopp is certain that the Uruguayan international will succeed in the upcoming games, though.

Next up for Nunez & Liverpool is a trip to the Emirates.

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