Jurgen Klopp advice Steven Gerrard as he kick-offs his managerial career in the Premier League

Jurgen Klopp's advice vital for Steven Gerrard and is ready for Aston Villa

By the time Jurgen Klopp was into the second season with Liverpool, Steven Gerrard had just started his coaching career as an academy coach in Liverpool.

Thereafter, he went to Glasgow to take up one of the toughest British Football’s tasks of winning the league with Rangers.

Ex Liverpool Captain led the Ibrox Club to their first-ever League title in 10 years last season.

And now, Gerrard will manage Aston Villa in Premier League. While winning the Scottish league to now managing a club in one of the toughest football leagues in the world, it has been quite a jump for Stevie G.

Gerrard was last seen in Premier League back in 2014-15 season, his last season was as a Liverpool player. Since then it’s been six years and now he’s back as a manager. He can count some familiar faces in the League to offer advice as he gets used to his new surroundings.

One of those is Jurgen Klopp, who has proven to be very helpful for Steven Gerrard while he was beginning his career as a manager.

Jurgen Klopp advice that has helped Gerrard in his management career so far

Speaking to UEFA.tv in 2020, Gerrard revealed the open conversation with Klopp, the best bit of advice he gave:

Don’t go into this as Steven Gerrard with the name on your back.

Go back to the beginning, strip it back like you’re driving a car, from the beginning.

Get your pitch confidence, get used to tactics, different formations. Try things, make mistakes, get it horribly, wildly wrong.

Experiment, do all these things away from the camera.

So before you test yourself in the Europa League. Before you test yourself in a real competition with thousands and thousands of people. Put yourself in a better place, be more prepared before you go in there.

Gerrard’s first game in charge will be against high-flying Brighton after the International Break. Ex Liverpool and England Captain’s first five games will be very crucial which includes games against Manchester City, Leicester City, and Liverpool, which might be the toughest for him given the history.

Villa have just ten points and they are sitting at 16th place. While dropping points further on could drag them down to the relegation zone. Thus, Gerrard has a mountain to climb ahead of him while Anfield awaits to welcome him back on 11th December.

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