Jermaine Jenas says Liverpool have made their biggest ever mistake

According to Jermaine Jenas, selling Sadio Mane is the biggest mistake Liverpool have ever made.

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According to Jermaine Jenas, selling Sadio Mane is the biggest mistake Liverpool have ever made.

Jermaine Jenas spoke on Vibe With Five about Liverpool’s summer sale of Sadio Mane and their sluggish start to the current campaign.

It’s fair to assume that Liverpool are missing the attacker right now after the Senegalese winger, Mane entered the final year of his contract, but he chose to join Bayern Munich after the Champions League final.

Jenas believes that selling Mane was the biggest mistake the Reds have ever made. As the Reds currently lack Mane’s intensity and work rate.

Jermaine Jenas on what the team is lacking

Jenas gave his assessment of the circumstance.

Jenas think Liverpool’s biggest mistake was selling Mane. And the solution is fairly straightforward. Nobody worked as hard as Mane did when it comes to pressing, setting an example, or pressing. From a contractual standpoint, they put themselves into a little bit of a predicament.

Their company has taken them a little by surprise. How did they fail to spotlight their midfield when Darwin Nunez isn’t working? This year, their recruitment has been weak, according to Jenas.

Jenas might be correct. Selling Mane hurt Liverpool. But as always, hindsight is 20/20, and it’s simple to say that now.

Letting Mane leave, however, didn’t seem like a crazy choice at the time.

Diaz had proven to be more than capable on that left side, Mane had just turned 30 and was entering the final year of his contract. And Liverpool was set to acquire Darwin Nunez.

Nunez, though, has not yet made an impact. And this Liverpool team currently has a significant gaping void.

Unfortunately, the Reds must look ahead and determine how they will emerge from this slump without Mane because everything that happened is now in the past.

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