Is Konate’s Injury The Reason For His Absence Against Austria?

Is Konate’s Injury The Reason For His Absence Against Austria?

As this year’s Euro was starting, everyone was hopeful to see this player opening for his country. But, for some reason, Ibrahima Konate was not spotted playing for France against Austria. Is the player seriously injured?

Why Ibrahima Konate Didn’t Play For France In The Euro Opener?

Didier Deschamps and his team have built up an almost impenetrable defense in any match they play. Even when Euro Cup 2024 did not start, among a lot of promising names, Konate was an obvious one.

But, in the match against Austria, Ibrahima Konate was not spotted playing for France. To be very honest, this was quite a surprising decision from Deschamps.

Everyone, including match preview pages put all of their money on Ibrahima Konate opening for France.

But, unfortunately, the 25-year-old Liverpool star could not open against Austria. Although there have been claims that Konate has faced an injury, it can be because of his form. 

In the last season for Liverpool, Ibrahima Konate had very less appearances throughout. But, according to Didier Deschamps, he just chose William Saliba of Arsenal.

He knows the importance of Konate, as well as Saliba. Since Upamecano and Saliba played for 120 minutes together, he thought their duo might be a solid choice, just in case situations went intense.

“Even if there were some clearances that they could improve on, they exuded a lot of strength and calmness. We needed that against such an opponent.”

Deschamps on Saliba and Upamecano.

Why Couldn’t We See Konate Playing Against Netherlands?

According to Didier Deschamps, he understands the value of both William Saliba and Konate. Even if we did not spot Konate playing for France against Austria, there were a lot of possibilities.

We thought Deschamps might not be changing his squad completely for the Group Stages. There was a good chance to see Konate play against Netherlands and face his Liverpool teammate Cody Gakpo.

But today’s match was disappointing for Konate and his fans since France failed to score and Ibrahima wasn’t playing.

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