If reports are true, Liverpool are about to shock everyone with a move for £70m international

Liverpool are in desperate need of new players, and they plan to make a rapid move for youngster Victor Osimhen.

Source: EuroSport

Liverpool are in desperate need of new players, and they plan to make a rapid move for youngster Victor Osimhen.

It has been rumored around Liverpool for several months that the team will make a bid for England and Borussia Dortmund player Jude Bellingham.

Jamie Carragher noted Bellingham’s importance to Liverpool only this past week. Bellingham is everything the Reds need right now, says the former Reds great. Carragher also thinks he can be a future England captain since he is also leading Borussia Dortmund.

Carragher told The Eleven:

“Liverpool, hopefully. I know he’s a Liverpool fan. I think he’s a player who Real Madrid will want and Barcelona will want. And every top club in England will want it. He and Rice is England’s midfield for the next five or six years.

I don’t think anyone’s looking at them and thinking they’re going to take those positions, to be honest. And they’ll probably both be fighting over who’s the future captain after Harry Kane.

Jude Bellingham reminds me of Steven Gerrard at that age where you think he could score a goal at anytime, create something at any time. He could light up that tournament”

Liverpool might go in for Victor Osimhen

While a midfielder may be on the cards, new Italian media reports indicate otherwise.

According to today’s TBR report, Liverpool and Manchester United are reportedly fans of Napoli attacker Victor Osimhen. And if that is the case and Liverpool does make a move, the Premier League will be shocked.

Without a doubt, Liverpool still needs to get a midfielder. As Carragher claims, Bellingham is perfect. But given the rumors of a possible sale by FSG, it’s possible that other signings are also being considered.

As sources have suggested, Liverpool fans can be thrilled if one of those is Osimhen. Remember that this is the same player who crushed them earlier this season in Europe.

At the time, Jonathan Woodgate made a statement about that performance and how Liverpool’s defenders would have been relieved to see the striker go:

“The two centre-halves will be absolutely delighted to see the back of Osimhen because he’s been so difficult to play against it. He’s destined for the Premier League.”

Osimhen’s involvement with Liverpool would make it a different animal. Yes, they spent a lot of money on Darwin Nunez throughout the summer.

But Osimhen would be a good addition because of his pace, size, athleticism, and age of 23. Napoli paid £70 million for him and would expect a return.

However, acquiring Victor Osimhen is one option for Liverpool to shock everyone and send a message to the league.

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