How Can Szoboszlai And Hungary Still Qualify For The Round Of 16 In Euro 2024?

How Can Szoboszlai And Hungary Still Qualify For The Round Of 16 In Euro 2024?

Dominik Szoboszlai’s nation Hungary still have a chance to qualify for the RO16 of Euro 2024 despite finishing third in Group A.

The Euro 2024 competition has lit up the footballing world with much-anticipated exciting and surprising fixtures on the international stage.

As the end of group stages comes nearer, there are some teams who will be qualifying for the next round of the tournament with flying colours and some will exit with disappointment.

However, between these two sets of teams, there are some teams who will be dependent upon other teams’ success or defeat to secure their place in the Round of 16.

According to the tournament format, among the 24 teams which have been divided into six groups of four teams each, the top two teams from each group after their three games played, will qualify indisputably for the RO16.

That leaves four spots vacant for the four best third-placed teams to qualify for the next round. The parameter to judge that will be points acquired in the three matches and goal difference.

How Can Hungary Qualify For Euro 2024 RO16?

Hungary are in Group A where Germany and Switzerland have secured their places in the RO16 after their last games of group stages as the table-toppers and runners-up respectively.

However, Dominik Szoboszlai’s nation has finished third in the group with three points and a -3 goal difference.

For the Magyarok to qualify for the next round, they have to be one of the best third-placed teams.

As things stand now, the third-placed teams prior to the last matchday of all groups except Group A are:

GroupTeamPointsGoal Difference

This is not the only threat that is impending for Hungary’s qualification scenario. Several fourth-placed teams are posing a greater threat to their RO16 dreams.

Both Albania and Croatia have to either draw or lose their respective matches not to surpass the three-point threshold in Group B.

Group C’s third-placed and fourth-placed teams, Slovenia and Serbia are one-point apart and must also draw or lose their matches to accommodate Hungary’s qualification.

Austria from Group D must lose or draw so that they cannot exceed their three-point tally.

Group E’s Slovakia and Ukraine both have three points and are separated by goal difference. Both countries must draw or lose their games.

Czechia and Georgia tie at one point only being separated by one goal difference. Both teams’ draw results would satisfy Hungary’s qualification equation.

However, despite all the permutations and combinations, anything unimaginable can happen that can either lead to the Hungarian team qualifying or being eliminated.

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