Gary Neville and the fans agree upon the appraisal of Nunez as a great player

Nunez and gary neville

Former Manchester United wing-back Gary Neville praises Darwin Nunez. Fans agree to this as a rare positive.

Gary Neville holds Nunez up in the higher ranks

Nunez expressed dissatisfaction during the 2-0 victory against Rangers last week and said he didn’t feel “totally assured.” However, he promised that “the goal will come.”

After scoring in each of his first two games with the team, the 23-year-old had gone six games without doing so. And Allan McGregor’s performance at Anfield just added to his suffering.

But on Sunday, when he tied the score at 1-1 on a day that eventually resulted in another Liverpool defeat, that was allayed.

Nunez stood out among the players that left the Emirates with credit, putting three shots on goal, including two that were on target.

After the game, the atmosphere was depressed. However, the No. 27’s supporters were anxious to congratulate him for making a significant advancement.

So was Gary Neville, who praised Nunez as Liverpool’s “best player” on the field in a Sky Sports interview after the 3-2 victory.

“I thought he was really good. I thought even in the difficult parts of the game for Liverpool he was the best player. His runs were good”

Darwin Nunez’s potential

Given the circumstances, Nunez’s celebration was dubious. He mocked Arsenal supporters by wiping his eyes to simulate sobbing. However, it was clear he was relieved to have scored once more.

The goal is for the Uruguayan to build on two strong performances against Rangers and Arsenal in preparation for what is expected to be his third straight start in the rematch on Wednesday night at Ibrox.

The reds have spent a hefty amount for Darwin Nunez. It is indicating Jurgen Klopp’s confidence in him as his attack’s focal point. Given how badly Liverpool are struggling, Nunez may need to deliver sooner rather than later.

Next Up for Liverpool is a trip to Ibrox stadium as Nunez and Co. Prepare for the Champions League clash against Rangers on Wednesday night.

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