Roberto Firmino swap deal between Liverpool and Barcelona is being “studied”

Firmino transfer news: A swap deal planned

A swap deal for the Brazillian star Roberto Firmino may be in consideration between Liverpool and Barcelona.

The shenanigans of Roberto Firmino swap deal

Memphis Depay, a forward for Barcelona, is reportedly a target for Liverpool, which might result in Roberto Firmimo leaving the club.

Throughout the summer transfer season, the Reds were linked to a number of prospective new midfielders. However, following Darwin Nunez’s arrival, talk of forwards was comparatively quiet.

Nevertheless, Spanish news reports have indicated that Depay may be on Liverpool’s radar. The Reds are ‘studying’ the notion of trading for Depay in January claims Spanish news site Futbol Total via Fanaticos. According to the report, one Reds player would travel in the other way as a result. And there would be no transfer fee.

Gold of a player

Firmino is an incredibly talented football player. He shines in packed situations where he can combine outstanding close control and dribble with the ability to break down a tight defense with a trick or a slick-through pass. In that regard, he is well suited to the position of center striker. Especially for a powerful club like Liverpool, which frequently faces well-trained, low-block defenses.

He possesses a superb first touch and the kind of uncommon individual brilliance that only a select few players possess. The No. 9 manipulates the game by drawing attention to the ball. He fancies taking touches to open up risky passing lanes further forward, where he searches for Salah’s and Diaz’s runs.

The Brazillian to leave at the summer window?

According to rumors, that player getting swapped for Depay might be Roberto Firmino. And negotiations may pick up speed as the January transfer window approaches. According to the article, Depay may be useful in this situation because neither team wants to lose either player for free. For now, the future of the No. 9 of Liverpool is uncertain at Anfield.

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