Euro Winners Set To Receive Loads Of Rewards: Figures Revealed!

Euro Winners Set To Receive Loads Of Rewards: Figures Revealed!

Finally, this year’s golden tournament, the European Championship is coming to an end. As the semi-finals and final match are closing, fans are curious about the prize money for Euro 2024. Apart from the winners of the Euro, all participants are also set to receive honourable rewards.

Prize Money For Euro 2024: Lofty Sums And Bonuses

Club-level matches or leagues often gain highlights due to their spectacular plans that include a high level of rewards.

At the end of a tournament, we often see government bodies hand out hefty rewards to the winners.

As the semi-finals are near, it is time to take a look at the prize money for Euro 2024. So, without further ado, let us take a look at them right now. 

From the very beginning of international level tournaments, there has existed a gap.

This difference between the elite and rest of the society has always been instrumental in shaping up future of football. Those whopping rewards can go a long way and help develop the sport in smaller nations. 

Now, as UEFA has planned, winners of this year can earn around €30 million as the prize money for Euro 2024.

All the participant nations will gain €9.25 million; for every match they win, UEFA will grant them an extra €1 million bonus. For every match drawn, they will get €500k. 

For semi-finalists, quarter-finalists, and round of 16 participants, UEFA will dish out an extra €4 million, €2.5 million and €1.5 million respectively.

As a part of the prize money for Euro 2024, UEFA kept €331 million in their budget. As per reports, they have developed different levels of prize money based on the performance of teams at different levels. 

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