Diogo Jota names the best penalty taker in Liverpool who is even better than Salah

Diogo Jota has picked his name for the best penalty-taker in the Liverpool squad.

Source: EuroSport

Diogo Jota has picked his name for the best penalty-taker in the Liverpool squad.

Diogo Jota has cited James Milner as the Liverpool team’s top penalty-taker.

With a 19 of 21 conversion rate, Milner is among Liverpool’s all-time best penalty-takers. And no one on the current roster, in Jota’s opinion, can compete with the 37-year-old.

Diogo Jota names Milner as the best penalty-taker of the Liverpool squad

The Portuguese told AJ3 on YouTube:

“If I remember well, in the last shoot-out we had in the FA Cup, we had James Milner first – and for me, he’s the best.”

All right. However, Liverpool also has a top-tier penalty kicker within their ranks. And his attacking teammate’s telling him this won’t make him happy. Fortunately, Jota made sure to include Mohamed Salah as well.

He said:

“I think we had Mo Salah last [in the shootout], so he’s also very good! I think if you have two like them, you just put one first and one last, and you should be fine!”

Salah has long since assumed control of Liverpool’s penalty-taking duties. However, it appears that Milly is still in charge.

Liverpool hasn’t had many opportunities this season to demonstrate their proficiency at taking penalties. Surprisingly, the Reds have only attempted two penalty kicks all year.

Their lone penalty during the regular season was at Anfield against Rangers in the Champions League. Salah, as expected, buried it.

Mo also converted a penalty to give the Reds a 2-1 lead against Manchester City in the Community Shield that month.

Other than that, Klopp’s team has had little success. Although there was a thrilling Carabao Cup shootout victory over Derby County to celebrate, neither Salah nor Milner was present.

Liverpool performed admirably in their absence, but Stefan Bajcetic and Roberto Firmino demonstrated that the team lacks takeaways.

Darwin Nunez should step up if £120,000 weekly earners Milner or Salah are unavailable. Cody Gakpo, a recent acquisition, is also skilled from the penalty spot. He has scored two penalties in the Eredivisie this year.

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