Chairman insists that Real Madrid would be ready to pay ‘£150m’ for the 24-year-old Liverpool player

Trent to Real Madrid

Trent Alexander-Arnold of Liverpool could be brought to Spain by Real Madrid at a great financial cost.

Is Real Madrid going after Trent?

Darragh MacAnthony, chairman of Peterborough United and a supporter of Liverpool, makes this wild claim. When evaluating England’s team in advance of the World Cup, MacAnthony made the assertion on his podcast, The Hard Truth.

“That England team could be as good as any team. Forget about the deficiencies at the back,”

the Irishman said.

“They can still name a John Stones, who is a £60 million player, Harry Maguire, forget the form, he’s an £80 million player. Trent Alexander-Arnold – Real Madrid would pay £150 million for him tomorrow.”

Given Trent’s skill, it is such a no-brainer. The Liverpool right-back has often demonstrated his ability to be precise.

However, this hasn’t been Alexander-Arnold’s season so far. But as the saying goes, from is transitory, class is eternal. It will only take a short while for a player of his quality to return to form. Possibly even better than before.

The revelation shouldn’t be shocking because many major clubs would consider themselves fortunate to have such a right back on their roster.

Trent stays at Liverpool

Even if MacAnthony’s hypothesis is speculative, it’s intriguing to explore further. Naturally, there is no indication that Trent’s future at Liverpool is up for discussion. One would presume that the 24-year-old is currently preparing to be a one-club man.

It’s difficult to imagine a situation in which the lifelong Reds supporter would want to leave his city. But in football, anything can happen. Alexander-Arnold could develop restlessness if Liverpool fails to maintain their recent level of success.

Sure, Liverpool players have in the past joined prominent rivals in England, thereby “betraying” the fan base. But things would be entirely different if there was a local kid at the top of his game.

Steven Gerrard came close, and it took some time to mend fences with his ardent fans. Fortunately, he was able to make amends with the Reds supporters he alienated by almost going to Chelsea. However, if he had abandoned the ship in 2005, he would have had difficulty returning to the city without a security escort.

Trent probably won’t consider a similar escape. But even if he ever wanted to go, he shouldn’t be held in captivity. You can bet that the continent’s big boys would be willing and ready to blow the cash on him if that scenario ever came to pass. He really is that fantastic.

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