Former Red Not In Any Club After Controversial Liverpool Exit!

Former Red Not In Any Club After Controversial Liverpool Exit!

Anfield has given rise to a lot of popular names in the world of football. When Bobby Duncan left Liverpool early, it was quite a shock for the world itself. Now, the promising 23-year-old is yet to officially play for a club.

Bobby Duncan Not In Any Football Club After Leaving Liverpool

Jurgen Klopp was the mastermind behind a handful of successful names in the Red squad. He might have left the key to Anfield to Arne Slot, but the German manager contributed towards the strong foundation of this club. Not long before, Bobby Duncan was a part of Liverpool, while the team was still under Klopp.

Before Bobby Duncan joined Liverpool, his skills on the field were the reason behind his popularity. He was an excellent goalscorer for Huyton Schoolboys and Cardinal Heenan High School.

Glatzel and Duncan scored almost 60 goals for their 2018-19 session. He was the one whose equaliser helped the Reds win over Man City in extra time.

After his infamous Liverpool exodus, Duncan is now without any club. Everything was going well after his FA Youth Club performance against Man City.

He was destined to have a golden and promising future until August 2019 came. Saif Rubie, Duncan’s agent, tweeted that Liverpool are keeping him against his will.

It’s affecting his mental health and Bobby wanted to stop playing for Liverpool forever. However, in September 2022, Duncan expressed the truth via Twitter.

His agent made everything up without his decision. This incident speaks volumes about why Duncan never became a breakout star.

“The truth will be told by myself when the time is right. And lastly, just to clarify, there was no advising given as you point blank made your mind up, publicly. And by then the damage had been done.”

Bobby Duncan on his failure.

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