A Breakout Star under Arne Slot? All Eyes On Young Midfielder

A Breakout Star under Arne Slot? All Eyes On Young Midfielder

While Liverpool fans are waiting eagerly, Bobby Clark might be up on the list of favourites of Arne Slot. Although speculations are sky-high, the Dutchman and the Reds have not opened up yet.

Since his arrival, Arne Slot has been making quite a buzz. Even though quite a few names are there for next season, speculations are pointing their fingers at one particular name.

Will Arne Slot Recognize The Potential Of Bobby Clark?

It has been three years since Liverpool have signed this charismatic youngster. The team already has several young players who are capable of making a breakthrough.

If you have been following the Reds for some time now, you will know that they are changing for the better.

Considering how the transfer window is working right now, LFC seems to be eyeing a young squad. They are keen on making their future under Slot, a bright and successful one.

Even under Jurgen Klopp, we had one breakout star – Jarell Quansah. The 21-year-old has been successful with his goals, and most importantly, tackling skills (88% successful). But now, is it time for another youngster to step up? 

Well, we have our eyes on Bobby Clark. It has been three years since Anfield has got this youngster in the Red Squad. Due to his fitness problems, he missed out a lot during his time in Anfield.

Otherwise, we would’ve seen his place concreted in the senior LFC squad already. He is already approaching his 20s – his formative stage as a member of the red squad can be effective. Bobby Clark is one of the perfect trump cards for Arne Slot to draw this season.

Is Bobby Clark The Next Icon?

Till now, some fans are not ready to accept Clark in the LFC standards. To them, Conor Bradley or Jarell Quansah will be a better choice. But the next season requires new blood – Thiago Alcantara has already left Anfield. Considering the vacuum he left behind, Bobby Clark can just be the one Arne Slot wants. 

He will be a popular choice to be the midfielder for the Reds this season. Till now, Clark has only made 12 appearances due to his health, but it can change this season. Arne Slot has his eyes on Bobby Clark, it is just a matter of time.

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