Robertson Wants A Comeback After Crushing Defeat!

Robertson Wants A Comeback After Crushing Defeat!

After their horrible and unexpected disaster in the Euro opener, the Scotland captain has opened up. Andy Robertson has commented on the performance of Scotland against Germany. Indeed, the Scottish warriors were not in their best form.

Scotland Will Gain The Grounds Again: Andy Robertson Statement

Friday was quite a disappointing day for all the Scottish fans out there. The German squad defeated Robertson and the Scotland national team.

Under the spell of accuracy and tactics of Germany, we saw Scotland biting the dust. The team lost a disastrous 1-5; it was an unfortunate ending at the opening Euro match for Scotland.

During the qualifying stages of Euro 2024, this team was quick to come up on the list of favourites. Their performance was unmatched, thanks to Steve Clarke, the current head coach.

Andy Robertson, the Liverpool left-back, has been leading the Scotland national team for quite some time now.

After their defeat, Andy Robertson has recently opened up and commented on why Scotland failed. The captain has been quite enthusiastic in admitting the current defects in his squad. He did not hesitate to criticise his players for not being how they should have been.

“Maybe we had a bit of fear. Maybe the occasion got to a couple of us. A couple of us didn’t have our best games. We didn’t do what we did to get to the tournament.”

Captain Andy Robertson on Scotland.

He further concluded how Scotts can come back and dominate. If his team shakes off their ‘fear’, Robertson thinks that Scotland can shine.

The team just needs to identify their fields of strength and play accordingly in their future matches. This is the only way the Scottish can succeed.

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