Liverpool Star To Retire After Euro Elimination!

Liverpool Star To Retire After Euro Elimination!

Euro Cup 2024 has not been kind to the Scotland football team lately. After a harsh defeat against Hungary, the captain of Scotland has shared notes. Speculations are on the rise regarding the retirement of Andy Robertson from Scotland.

Andy Robertson To Take Retirement From Team Scotland?

The Scottish football team had an exciting time at the beginning of their qualifying stages of Euro 2024. But their downfall started right after their horrific defeat (1-5) against Germany.

Although Scottish captain Andrew Robertson was hopeful that his team would fight back, things do not seem promising now.

In their last match against Hungary, Scotland lost 0-1 – the result ensured their knockout from this year’s UEFA Euro.

They finished at the bottom stage of their group and it was pretty humiliating for them. Captain Andrew Robertson has indicated early retirement.

His team Scotland also returned home early. It is quite unfortunate, but the Liverpool star has opened up about this situation.

Andrew Robertson, while speaking about Scotland, also hinted at his retirement. According to the Liverpool star, the Scottish were not in their best form throughout this tournament.

He expressed extreme gratitude to the fans for showing up and thanked them for believing in him.

“That’s what we have to hope in the future but tonight, and for a long time, we have to get over this unfortunately. It’s a tough one. With international football, sometimes you lose players and things like that.”

Andrew Robertson after Scotland’s defeat.

It will be a slow process for Scotland to return to their best form. The team is extremely hurt and still recovering from their loss. But the retirement hint from Andrew Robertson was unexpected.

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