31-year-old LFC player shaves his head and looks completely different with his new look in Dubia training

Thiago in Liverpool training

The Liverpool midfielder Thiago Alcantara entered the training ground in a completely new hairstyle.

LFC’s midfielder has created a sensation with his new look. The Spaniard showed up himself at the training ground completely bald. His fresh look is already a talking point for The Red’s global fan base. A fresh look and a comeback is what fans are looking forward to from Thiago.

The Merseyside giants seem all ready to prove themselves on the big stages.

Thiago lits up Liverpool training ground

The 31-year-old Spanish wizard is looking for a revival of his old form. The Spaniard looks more focused and determined to restart his PL campaign.

The Reds are currently sitting at the 6th position in the PL table. But the attitude of players on the turf shows they are hungry for more. This World Cup break could be a decisive break for Liverpool to come back at their very best. Jurgen Klopp’s troops looked very focused in their training. After a bumpy start to the first half of the season, Klopp’s team looks ready for post-World Cup season.

Thiago seems the most focused person especially after not being involved in the WC squad by Luis Enrique. He seems desperate to change the critics’ opinion about him. LFC fans want to see a response from their key players after club football resumes.

Klopp seems ready

Jurgen Klopp has full faith in his players and believes the Spaniard is going to be a key factor for his team in the upcoming matches. Klopp’s body language is enough to make a fan realize how ready he is with his troops.

Football is one of the most unpredictable games and The Reds look ready to change this year’s Premiere League perception. Players are patiently waiting for the Premier League to resume. Will Klopp’s team surprises everyone with their performance or this all is just an illusion?

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